Leather gloves
Leather gloves
Leather gloves
leather gloves

Julianne Fergie 30bt

Women's Ruched Cuffs Fingerless Leather Gloves

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A play on ruching and padding, this 10-buttonhole sleeve has a quilted effect, changing the entire texture of the original leather, with a little skirt detail at each end, created with two layers of pleated panels. With a thin cuff, these dress gloves are fully lined in a heat-mapped high-performance thermo-textile fabric. This sleeve can be worn ruched down or up, so it’s very versatile and a minimal, masterful way to lift an entire outfit.

With a minimalist design and soft yet supportive lining, this glove provides comfort in both summer and winter conditions. The soft elbow pads on these fashion leather gloves have reinforced tell-tale stitching, and the wrap-around design is slimming. Lined with silk, the glove has an open back for your decorative touch to complete this season's wardrobe. These black leather gloves for women is a minimal, masterful way to lift an entire outfit.