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Blue, purple and mauve women's modal and cashmere scarf with boat design by Mark P Cullen and Paula Rowan.

The Dublin Bay sunset is captured in thrilling colours in this striking purple, blue and magenta oil painting (with just a hint of gold) by Irish artist Mark P Cullen. Transformed into a styish ladies' scarf by Paula Rowan, this accessory is made from luxurious modal and cashmere, and evokes the romance and promise of a harbor in the evening.

Dry clean only: silks, cashmere and modal must be cared for properly to ensure longevity and continuing usefulness. Take care not to let hairspray and perfume get on silk as the alcohol may damage the fabric. Twist silk scarves when storing for long periods of time. Take them out every six months to allow air to circulate around the silk. As a natural fibre, silk needs to breathe. Remember to store silk scarves away from direct sunlight. Handle with care to avoid thread pulling. For modal scarves, avoid chlorine bleach as they can be sensitive to dyes and highly potent cleaning agents. Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. These scarves are a delicate blend of modal and silk or modal and cashmere. To maintain shape and avoid stretching, do not hang.

97% modal, 3% cashmere


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