About The Designer

You're in expert hands ….

Paula Rowan opened her boutique in Dublin’s Westbury Mall in 2006, launching her first glove collection in 2008. Her luxury leather gloves have been worn by the world’s most stylish women, from Naomie Harris, Julianne Moore and Ruth Negga to Helen Mirren and Paloma Faith. Her gloves regularly feature in magazines worldwide, and are sourced by the world’s top stylists and photographers, including Katy England, Ib Kamara,Tim Walker and Paolo Roversi. To date, Paula Rowan gloves have featured in Vogue (worn by Kendall Jenner), W (worn by Dua Lipa), Tatler, i-D (worn by Naomi Campbell) and Love magazines; in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal; the cover of the FT’s How To Spend It; and the Tim Walker: Wonderful Things exhibition at the V&A (2019). Madonna chose to wear Paula Rowan gloves for her world tour.

After studying history and classics at University College Dublin, Paula worked in the family luxury leather goods store, eventually taking it over and channelling her creativity into gloves. She painstakingly sourced the very best Italian producers and artisans to bring her designs to life. “I work with people who know how leather feels, it’s in their blood.” Her gloves and sleeves combines the best of Irish design with the finest Italian craftsmanship. All Paula Rowan gloves are handmade in Italy, from the finest leather ethically sourced in Ethiopia. The leather is dyed, treated and stitched in Italy by the world’s top producers of leather gloves – in the same ateliers as many of the world’s best-known luxury brands – using traditional techniques honed over generations. It’s a painstaking, precise process. “We examine every stitch,” says Paula. Each glove takes three months to produce.

To visit Paula Rowan is to entirely revisit everything you’ve ever thought about glove wearing. She has an artist’s sensibility and knows instinctively what will suit your hands and arms. In her collection you’ll find luxurious yet practical everyday gloves to keep you warm and add a touch of glamour every time you leave the house – and also exclusive couture pieces, show-stopping leather designs that are an outfit in themselves. You’ll never want to take them off ….

Born and based in Dublin, Paula lives by the sea, a constant source of inspiration.

The Irish Italian Glove Story

Paula Rowan gloves are made from the finest quality lambskin, and stitched in Italy to Paula’s own designs. Different linings and trim can then be added, from silk and cashmere linings to fur trim and buttons or studs.While it is possible to use machinery, the highest quality gloves are those that have been hand-stitched, which is why we produce only hand stitched leather gloves. Unlike leather for belts, bags or shoes, leather for gloves needs far more care and attention.

Shoe leather, for example, can be treated with all manner of chemicals, and this gives the leather a uniform look. Glove leather, on the other hand, needs to be able to retain its natural elasticity, therefore harsh tanning methods simply cannot be used.

The beauty of using only natural products means that the glove leather retains more of its individual characteristics. This softer leather conforms to the shape of the hand, meaning the wearer's gloves will become perfectly tailored for their hands and their's alone.Once the hides have been prepared, they are then dyed before being cut and stitched in Italy. This is done by master craftsmen, who have trained for seven years to learn this niche artistry.

The Art of Traditional Glove Making

There are many stages in the making of a pair of gloves and every Paula Rowan glove is made by hand.

  • 1.    IT ALL BEGINS WITH A BLANK CANVAS:The leather arrives in it's natural state-a grey white colour-before it has been dyed.
  • 2.     COLOUR SELECTION: The leathers needed are then dyed based on Paula's selections for that season
  • 3.     QUALITY CONTROL: Here, the hides are inspected for even coloration...
  • 4.     FIRST BUFF:The leather is then buffed for the first time to smooth out the texture and add shine>
  • 5.     PREPARATION FOR STRETCHING: Next, the leather hides are laid out in preparation for stretching on cold marble slabs
  • 6.     TRIM THE EXCESS: Following the preparation, the leather is stretched and trimmed. Because of the way its been tanned several times, with natural oils, its gives the leather elasticity.
  • 7.     CUTTING TIME: Once stretched, rectangular cardboard shapes are placed on the leather, chalk is run around the edge, and the leather is cut.
  • 8.     THUMBS UP: The thumbs need to be cut out separately so this is done with precision and care
  • 9.     KEEPING TRACK: The leather and thumbs are then stamped with the size of the glove and the batch number (to ensure they don't get mixed up)
  • 10.  QUALITY CONTROL: It is imperative for these artisans to ensure quality throughout every step of the process. The stamping onto the inside of the hide is integral to ensuring that every step of the process can be monitored
  • 11.  GLOVE MOULDS: Glove moulds come in all shapes and sizes for men and womenonitored and confirmed
  • 12.  THE PERFECT FIT: Ensuring that sizing is kept uniform, there are even separate sizing standards for an American fit vs. a traditional European fit in regards to the fingers.
  • 13.  FORM FITTING: The gloves are pressed into the side moulds to ensure consistency
  • 14.  PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: After preparing the pieces, it is time for the side of the glove and the fingers to be stitched together by a master crafstman.
  • 15.  SKILLED SEWING: In order to sew the pieces by hand, the master craftsmen must manipulate a special sewing machine-this maintains strong, quality stitches.
  • 16.  ADD SHINE: In order to achieve the satin smooth finish, the glove is buffed using a special machine until it has that lustre of a brand new pair
  • 17.  SPECIAL DETAIL: Additional details, such as fur trims, bows, buttons etc. would then be added before the lining process
  • 18.  LINING THE GLOVE: We offer several different types of linings in the gloves.The Cashmere lining is of exceptional quality; incredibly soft to the touch and warm for colder months. The Silk lining is luxe and lightweight-perfect for the wearer who is consistently removing and putting on their gloves. Finally, the Sheepskin lining is cozy and plush-the perfect choice for a brisk winter's day.
  • 19.  TO GET A SNUG FIT: Linings are then stretched down over a heating iron hand-ensuring the lining is perfectly in place of the leather shell.The glove is then pressed by hand against the heated iron.
  • 20.  WRAPPING IT UP: After being fitted together, it is now time for the cashmere lining to be hand stitched inside the glove.
  • 21.  SLOWLY, BUT SURELY: The linings are meticulously stitched using a special hand sewing machine to provide consistent and strong stitches 
  • 22.  IN PREPARATION FOR THE FINAL TOUCHES: Gloves are laid flat on cold marble slabs with these cold ironswhilst maintaining uniformity
  • 23.  FOR THE FINISHING TOUCHES: Cool irons are placed on the gloves to flatten them
  • 24.  BACK TO DUBLIN: Where the designs began, the beautifully handmade, sumptuous leather gloves arrive to the shop in Dublin to be offered for sale; each glove bearing the hallmarks of a small piece of art