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Amelia Cuff

Women's Fingerless Black Leather Gloves

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Fitted on the arm, these black leather gloves in the finest lambskin fan out into four leaf panels to mask and enhance the lower part of the upper arms for a soft and gentle feel, adding a decorative touch to a vest and jeans or completely transforming a strapless dress. Sleek, feminine, and deceptively simple. Our buttery black leather gloves are silk lined. The gloves are available in standard sizes 6.5-8 and are designed to suit many different types of garments, from jackets to tops.

Our Fingerless black leather gloves women have become a wardrobe staple for many women. These are not only functional but are also stylish, elegantly complimenting any look you may choose to create. The measurements of our ladies’ gloves will fit most hands just right. Also check out our Opera length gloves!